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FRIDAY, 23 JUNE 2017 09:00
IABA Asia Pacific 2017

Life Narratives in Troubled Times 

Keynote speaker: Associate Professor Kate Douglas (Flinders University)

Our theme, broadly envisaged, seeks to explore the ways in which life narrative authors and texts explore, mediate, and respond to personally, culturally and politically difficult events and contexts, or ‘troubled times’. What role can life writing play at these moments? How does/can life narrative represent troubled times? What is the role of writer, genre, media, publisher, marketing in how ‘troubled’ life narratives are distributed and received? What ‘trouble’ might this create for writers and readers? We welcome scholarly or creative presentations on life narrative texts or issues across various media and genres.

Possible topics for papers include (but are not limited to):

The role of life narratives in troubled times
 Political life narratives
– Celebrity lives
– Gothic life writing
– Life narrative and the quest for authenticity/ ‘the real’
– Life narrative across changing media; new ways for sharing lives and reportage
– Life writing about socio-cultural or political change, trauma or displacement
– Grief narratives, death narratives
– The life narratives of asylum seekers and/or refugees
– Social justice narratives
– Troubling family narratives; generational narratives; community stories
– Representing conflict
– Narrative difference
– Narratives of health, well-being and illness narratives
– Curating the self in troubled times
– The misery and trauma memoir
– Life narrative, therapy and the confessional
– Life narratives of fear
– The act of ‘troubling’ life narrative; troubling knowledge
– Troubled times in social media
– Life narrative and compassion fatigue
– Reading /engaging with life narrative
– Publishing and marketing life narratives
– Troubling ideas of identity: ghost writing life narratives
– Life writing hoaxes and scandals


For further information, please contact Zoe Allen on:

07) 5440 7000

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