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Meridian - The Midsumma Visual Arts Exhibition

Opening: Tues 19 Jan, 5.30pm

Exhibition: Wed-Sun, 11am - 7pm

Meridian - a curved line that encompasses the Earth. A common thread that links disparate and far-flung places and spaces. At Midsumma we represent a broad community, with differing lives, loves and values, but a common thread connects us all. The artists we are presenting work in differing disciplines and focus on different aspects of gender, identity and society. But what unites can be greater than what divides. 

Midsumma is presenting artists from different artistic disciplines. Some practices examine and redefine the notions of identity and gender, exploring the social and political constructs that dominate our society, while others utilise materiality and the process of making to conceptualise their ideas with the possibility of creating new knowledge. 

Featured Artists: 
Kim Leutwyler

John Brooks 

Matthew Burgess

Hans Van Hans

Casey Jenkins

Tricia Page

Curated for Midsumma by Ara Dolatian, Adrian Joannou and Shirley Somers. 

The Midsumma Visual Art Exhibition is a curated element of the Midsumma programme, which seeks to exhibit a valid cross-sectional voice of the queer and allied community through the open submission process and a diverse panel of curators involved in the selection process.



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