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SATURDAY, 25 NOVEMBER 2017 12:00
earthcore in the park 2017 - NSW


earthcore in the park is a one day and one night outdoor event featuring some of the best acts and a taste of the same world class production you expect from the mothership 5 day earthcore festival in Victoria. Perfect for those of you that want all the fun without the travel. However, if you want the full earthcore experience then we recommend you head to Victoria instead. Either way...Join us for the ultimate doof experience.

24 hour non-stop music
camping grounds
all ages 16 +
licenSed areas (bring id if you want to drink)


Say hello to the earthcore 2017 lineup feat international heavyweights in everything psychedelic trance, techno, progressive, deep house and downtempo...

Coming Soon
Dave Angel
Dirty Audio
John 00 Fleming
Marc Romboy 
Morten Granau 
Nick Curly 
Plump DJss
Prok & Fitch 
The Freestylerss
Vini Vici

+ much more


earthcore is an eyeball binge-fest. That is to say it’s a visual feast: oh yes, your corneal cortex will gorge to gagging on your frontal lobe. We have brought forth décor artistes from around the globe, so they may converge across the stages and site.

earthcore is an eyeball binge-fest. That is to say it’s a visual feast: oh yes, your corneal cortex will gorge to gagging on your frontal lobe. We have brought forth décor artistes from around the globe, so they may converge across the stages and site.

art installations

From shock value to jaw dropping creative beauty we join the creation of a colour and light dance between installation, attraction, sign design, pin up panoply, and hanging dangling, dropping, swirling and whirling dervish of decor delights.



Indeed the army of troubadours, minstrels, acrobats, scallywags, raving performers, solo spectaculars, one eyed monoculars, one night vigils, the wandering, performing, stage addicts, who will delight, entertain and bewilder you.

vjs & 3d mapping


It wouldn’t be earthcore if we didn’t unleash unto you, a front row seat to the full majesty of the night sky and everything it brings. But, er, forgive us; we’ve decided to get all caught up in the earthly delights and bring some shit with us.


Once upon a time…electronic music festivals didn’t happen in the bush. There was no such thing. Yes Broadford and Sunbury had a moment in the Rock star sun, and Falls would plunder the beer swilling faithful with more rock over the rolling hills. But there was no festival industry. Hard to conceive of now, with billowing clouds of dust rising up across Victoria; the signature of outdoor party mayhem and the stomp of dancing feet.


Why even point this out? Because, dear reader; now that there is such a thing as a “Festival Circuit”, and a vibrant outdoor party industry, it’s possible, given the funds, a bit of local knowledge and a modicum of passion, to enter the scene from stage right, declare thyself Mercutio at the feast and thumb thy nose at you sir: “You Sir” being the party consuming public. Yes, yes, this is to be expected, even welcomed, for choice is good, is it not?

But this is not us. This is:

Hello; our name is earthcore and we’re not Mercutio, and in fact we don’t even have a Shakespearian reference. We entered the story somewhere just after “Once upon a time”. And this is the story of what we did, and how we came to be doing it. Still…


Take a team of party goers, who for one reason or another are passionate about the social undercurrent sweeping through the ranks of underground Melbourne. A heaving warehouse party culture, in full flight and fancy; reclaiming the industrial waste and turning it into paradise. Just for a night. The hue and cry is that of: “Let’s get out of it man.” And it’s a cry of desperation, in response to growing up in the great suburban drama.

Call us fucking crazy and in many respects we are. But we went with “Let’s get out of it man!” And took to the Australian bush. Countless hours across myriad miles, searching for the real response to stifling city saturation. And in that we offered a different choice. A party experience outside of confined walls. Beyond the artefacts and artifice, and if we’re particularly poetic we’d say it was an armistice, a brief pause for all of us, to get out of “it”, the city, for real.

For the punters it would begin with the drive, the dyslexic directions on late printed flyers, the inevitable getting lost, stalling on quiet dirt roads, windows wound down, straining to hear a telltale…folklore now…But that was how it began. The tale of earthcore and how the hills came to echo with the pound of music.

Our first parties were attended by a scant few. It was new black polished chrome and it came over the summer like liquid night, crazy new sound, delivered by fringe dwellers that never portended to make money. We did it to explore and host aspects of a culture that we valued, and in that we lay down some fierce roots. As it turned out those roots embedded deep into the ramping up of Australian party culture.

It took 10 years (???) for something to happen that we didn’t really see coming; but when it did, it came on like an avalanche: that impossible moment when that thing you do, have loved and breathed life into; even though it nearly killed you, repeatedly, suddenly crosses the threshold of critical mass. When enough people are so enthusiastic about the thing, their energy and momentum breaks across the shoreline and becomes the new groundswell.

history 2

4000 people became 8000 people and the whole country sat up and paid attention. What the hell? earthcore: 8000 people. earthcore: 18,000 people. Laws changed, government agencies became involved. The social experiment and underground oddity woke up a dozing public and for better or worse paved the way for what we aptly refer to as the Outdoor party industry.

Now 24 years on. earthcore is waving at you across the forest floor. 24 years is a long time; time enough for those seeded roots to delve so deep that even the various saga’s, sweeping epics and an enforced legal layoff couldn’t wash us away. So here we are. The weeping willow, still standing, amidst the erosion on the bank.

Welcome to or welcome back. You figure it out

Logistics and Festival Addons

Want to camp ?

For earthcorians wanting to take their experience to the next level and enter the camping grounds then a camping pass is required per person staying in the camping zone.

Catch the bus to earthcore

Save the hassles and save the environment by catching the bus to earthcore in the park Sydney!

Please note that all bus tickets must be booked online, there will be no tickets for sale on the buses.

If you are intending on drinking at earthcore in the Park then DO NOT DRIVE!

Buses depart from Central Station & Paramatta station to earthcore in the park 2017 NSW and return.

Vehicle Pass

Whilst bringing a vehicle to earthcore is convenient it isn’t very friendly for the environment. For 2017 we have introduced a Vehicle Pass which is required to be purchased per vehicle to encourage carpooling and other eco-friendly transport methods to the festival and back. If you are planning to bring a car then you will need to purchase a vehicle pass.

All ages event

16+. Under 18's need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and will not have access to the licenced area.

Got a question ? Look no further...

Daily we are asked similar questions about earthcore, so for your benefit we have put together the A to Z of essential frequently asked questions to help you on your way.


I bought tickets online and haven't got them yet
If you bought online and did not receive your eticket for the festival via email then please email or alternatively log in to your account to find your downloadable pdf ticket.  You must bring this eticket with you to the gate with strictly matching ID.
When & where can I buy tickets?
Tickets will be on sale from Mon 6 Feb 2017 online via our website.
Is this an 18+ event?
Will earthcore tickets sell out?
There are limited tickets, our 1st round early birds sell out quite quickly so it’s recommended to secure your ticket to avoid the agony of missing out or paying more.
Are there free tickets for birthdays?
I don't have a credit card to buy online ?
There are 2 options for you.  First is that we have a range of ticket promoters and ticket store outlets that allow cash / eft payments.  Second option is that most supermarkets and all post offices sell prepaid visa/mastercard credit cards, this is a great option if you have problems buying online.  Read more here
What are this year’s ticket prices and other ticketing questions?
For all other ticketing questions please visit our tickets faq page For any online ticket enquiries please email directly.

getting to the festival

When can I arrive & leave the earthcore location by?
Gates open at 12pm on Saturday 25 November and will close 12pm on Sunday 26 November. All patrons are asked to leave the site at the conclusion of the last set.
How do I get there?
The location will be announced shortly.
Is there a bus, shuttle, or provided transportation to and from the venue?
Yes, we will be running official buses to earthcore. To find out more or make a reservation please visit our catch the bus to earthcore page

at the festival

What do I need to get into earthcore?
All ticket holders must present their physical ticket, or photo ID if the gate collection option was selected.
What currency is accepted at earthcore?
Australian Dollars ($AUD) only. If you are arriving internationally then you will need to exchange your currency at the airport before leaving to attend the festival. To find out exchange rates -
Can I leave and re-enter the festival with a passout?
No, strictly no passouts for earthcore. There is no need to leave especially if you are correctly prepared upon entry.
When can I find out set times?
Music set times will be announced 1-2 weeks before the gates open or earlier. Whilst we take extra care to maintain solid set times, they are subject to change without notice due to unexpected situations that may arise from the day to day operations of the festival.
Can I bring alcohol?
No, this is not a BYO event. There will be a licensed bar at reasonable prices in the festival.
What type of weather will earthcore run during?
earthcore will operate in rain, hail or shine. Be prepared for all weather conditions and check the weather in the week leading up to the event.
Will there be first aid on site?
Of course, however if you have specific mediation that is required then please bring it with you. If your medication requires prescription please ensure your medication is correctly labelled by a healthcare professional before attending the festival.
How should I dispose of my rubbish & waste?
earthcore is a Leave No Trace event, this means you must leave nothing behind. We will provide bins throughout the venue for your convenience. Find out more about our leave no trace policy
What do I need to bring?
Bring clothes for both hot and cold weather as the nights can become quite cold and windy.  It’s encouraged to bring random attire, doofsticks, toys, costumes and anything else that you feel will make us look twice ;)
What about food and water?
Free water is available on site, if you bring extra with you then you must ensure the safety seal has not be removed or it will be confiscated by security. As for food, earthcore will have a wide range of food stall options for carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores.
What can’t I bring?
At this time of year in this region, a total fire ban is implemented so therefore no fire twirling/performing apparatuses can only be used being unlit.  Fire authorities will be at the event monitoring all safety issues relating to fire and they reserve the right to confiscate anything deemed dangerous in fire ban periods. Other items that are strictly forbidden; no weapons, glass, open flames, pets, illicit drugs, motorised bikes, handheld lasers, fireworks, flares, or dangerous items of any kind.
How can I take care of myself?
Drink plenty of water and only rest under shady areas. Get plenty of sleep prior to the event to be refreshed for the following day and night of madness. Bring plenty of sunscreen and don’t go cheap on sunscreen either, SPF30+ minimum strength because in this part of the world you will burn within minutes.  Don’t party hard too early, Behave consciously, coherently and responsibly.
Can earthcore cater to patrons with special needs?
earthcore is a member of the Companion card initiative. The festival grounds are accessible by wheelchair in all areas. Special needs toilets will be available. Yes, for further information please email us at
Can I bring pets?
No animals allowed unless officially approved in writing by earthcore offices prior. The only pets we will allow are authorised accessibility and guidance pets. Anyone who disobeys these rules will be asked to return their pet home before re entering the festival.
Is there and ATM on site?
Yes, however we still recommend you bring cash with you to avoid any issues during the event as there are no passouts. There will also be EFTPOS terminals at the gate, info stall and licenced bar area.
Is there phone reception?
In some places yes however it is limited. Please don’t be dependent on it because it may vary once everyone is at the festival. Why would you want to be contacted from the outside world anyways?
Can I bring a bicycle?
You can bring a bicycle or unicycle if you wish providing it is not motorised.
What stages, music & activities are there?
For all information on stages please visit our stages page. We are regularly adding new activities on the website. Check there on a regular basis.
Are there any places for swimming?
Are there power outlets on site?
No. It is recommended to bring a powerbank to recharge your devices.

getting involved (performers/volunteers/stalls)

How do I apply to perform, volunteer, work, display art, or host a stall, workshop or theme camp at earthcore?
To apply for all types of roles and positions in this year’s earthcore, applications are now open. Apply Now
How can I obtain a media pass?
Media passes are only given out to successful applicants. Applications are open from Mon 9 Jan 2017.


By entering the earthcore festival site, you understand that you may be photographed, filmed, or videotaped and you hereby give earthcore permission to take any pictures or videos and use your likeness, image, or photo, without compensation, for broadcast or exhibition in any medium and to put the finished pictures/recordings to any legitimate use without limitation or reservation. You hereby waive, release and forever discharge earthcore from and against any and all claims or actions arising out of or resulting from any use of your image.

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